Audio Visual Forensics

Audio Enhancement


Audio evidence can be vital to a criminal investigation, or corporate disciplinary hearings, but sometimes the quality is just not good enough to submit.

Through a series of enhancement and restoration techniques, your audio can be cleaned up so that further dialogue can be detected, along with that winning keyword or sentence that you need in order to close your case.

I am able to extract and enhance audio footage from a variety of media, including dictaphones (digital, mini and microcassette), mobile phones, covert recording devices, video cameras, computers, analogue cassette tapes and VHS video tapes.  This list is not exhaustive, if you have audio footage on a device not listed here, please contact me to see if I am able to help.

Your audio footage can also be transcribed, providing you with a written account of the dialogue contained within your audio evidence.  Each completed case comes with a Section 9 witness statement, suitable for submission to court.  Larger cases are provided with a full forensic report.

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