Audio Visual Forensics

Video Enhancement


These days, cameras are everywhere – where we shop, eat, walk, drive, there is rarely a place you can visit where “big brother” is not watching you.  As a result of this, more and more cases are being aided by the submission of video evidence.

Unfortunately, the quality of the video that is extracted is not always of a suitable standard to be admissible as evidence, which is why your footage could be enhanced to produce better results.

Through various methods, I can slow down and enlarge your footage, ensuring that the relevant events can be see more clearly.  I can also attempt to sharpen and increase the overall quality of your footage to produce visual evidence that you can actually use and that may be beneficial to your case.

Video evidence can come in a variety of forms: mobile phone footage, domestic video cameras/camcorders, CCTV, etc.  I am able to extract footage from most sources in order to enhance the quality, or merely provide it in a more watchable format.  If you have video footage recorded in an uncommon format, or on a device which is not listed above, please get in touch as I may still be able to help.



CCTV is primarily hard drive based these days, recorded onto a DVR system capable of storing hundreds of hours of footage.  Unless a system is easily accessible, it is often difficult to narrow down the section of relevant footage that you require.

I can inspect the DVR system and attempt to extract the footage that is relevant to your case, making it easier to view the evidence. This can also be enhanced, as detailed above.

Each completed case comes with a Section 9 witness statement, suitable for submission to court.  Larger cases are provided with a full forensic report.

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