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Yet another massive space of time between my last post and this one, but being a university student tends to steal a lot of time away from you! Students get a lot of bad press, as everyone seems to think we spend all our time sleeping, drinking, or sitting around on our backside playing video games. While some of that is true, it’s also bloody hard work. Having to cram an essay, three reports, two documentaries, two programme proposals, two programme pitches and prepare for a final end of year project all into the space of a couple of weeks is all rather stressful… especially when you’re juggling it with real life. Read More



I’ve enjoyed the art of photography for a number of years, and it’s something I’ve dipped in and out of on various occasions. As technology has developed, it has also become more accessible. Gone are the days of restricting yourself to taking 24 snapshots before having to wind the spool back to the beginning, pocket the film roll, replace it, and start snapping again. It’s all memory cards these days, able to hold thousands of images inside a teeny tiny microchip. Less to carry, and easier to store forever.  Sadly, this results in quantity over quality, and means you’re more likely to end up with hundreds of photographs that you are never going to look at again, and all the decent ones are lost amongst the snap-happy ones.  My dad always used to tell me to only take a picture if you think it is of something interesting enough to look at again and again.  This was in the days when you’d hand in your film rolls in at Boots, wait three days, only to pay money for 5 decent holiday pics and 19 blurry and badly framed pictures of feet.  Those rules have now gone out of the window. Read More

How the ZX Spectrum will never die.


Kids these days are continuously nagged for spending way too much time on computer games or on the internet, and not enough time playing outside.  Trouble is, there are a few significant changes to remember – Read More

Happy Pancake Day!


Just a quick entry to say hello, as I notice I haven’t “blogged” since September!
I guess with this being the first of 2011, I’d better say Happy New Year too!
I’ve come across an appropriate picture that I thought I’d share with you throughout the pancake festivities of the evening.
There is something rather sinister about this… Read More

Happy Birthday 96.2 The Revolution

96.2 The Revolution - Officially opened by Bill Tarmey in 2000

The official birthday of 96.2 The Revolution is actually August 30th, from when we launched back in 1999.  However, since its rebirth in 2008, it now has a second birthday (just like the Queen) on 22nd September.  By pure coincidence, this is also the date that we originally moved to the building we are now in, from our little temporary box room at the Spindles Shopping Centre, to the old Sarah Moor Restaurant in Oldham Edge which was officially presented by Jack Duckworth! Read More

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