Happy Birthday 96.2 The Revolution

The official birthday of 96.2 The Revolution is actually August 30th, from when we launched back in 1999.  However, since its rebirth in 2008, it now has a second birthday (just like the Queen) on 22nd September.  By pure coincidence, this is also the date that we originally moved to the building we are now in, from our little temporary box room at the Spindles Shopping Centre, to the old Sarah Moor Restaurant in Oldham Edge which was officially presented by Jack Duckworth! Read More

Busy Old Weekend / Shameless Merchandise Plug

First of all, if you’ve not seen Shrek 4 yet (Shrek: Forever After) then I suggest you go and watch it – in 3D. Read More

CCTV Footage To Be Monitored Live?

Let’s talk Big Brother. No… not that tiresome show on Channel 4 which we all say we hate, yet still watch so we all know what our mates are talking about.  I’m talking about the REAL Big Brother.  I’m talking cameras on every street corner, every supermarket, every car park, pretty much any public place that you visit.  Let’s face it, cameras are now everywhere.  But surely they are only there to secure our safety or protect against crimes, so they can only be beneficial… can’t they? Read More

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