First of all, if you’ve not seen Shrek 4 yet (I know, “Shrek: Forever After” for the picky ones) then I suggest you go and watch it – in 3D!

This new batch of 3D films that they’ve started to roll out are a fantastic idea.  I had my daughter staying with me this weekend so we decided to take her to go see it.  Now, I’ve never seen one of these new 3D films, I rarely have time to go to the cinema in general, but the quality was amazing!  Makes me want to buy one of those new 3D TVs that are due out later this year.  Then again, are we going to have to sit there in the front room looking like idiots with our 3D glasses on?  Not to mention, when you leave the cinema, your eyes do feel a bit funny from wearing those glasses for almost two hours straight.

I say two hours straight, it was more like an hour and a half for me.  My daughter Kallie, being only six years of age, didn’t realise that sticky popcorn fingers and glasses don’t really make a great combination, so I gave her mine while I  spent about half an hour polishing hers back to clarity.

Great film though, well worth seeing in 3D, and I reckon it’s the best Shrek film since the first one.  Loads of little in-jokes that tie into the others, and a worthy finale to this movie franchise.

Spent the rest of the weekend at the zoo and the beach.  Not been to a beach since last summer and it was a fantastic day for it.  Kallie and her friend Abby decided to take it upon themselves to try and rid the beach of every single razorfish shell that they could find.  They weren’t happy until they had enough shells to make it a struggle to carry.  Thankfully, when she went home on Sunday, she insisted on taking the shells with her!

She also took home her brand new “daddy badge” as she called it.  It’s part of the new range of Revolution merchandise that is now available through the Revolution website.  I gave her the badge and she was thrilled, bless her.

So here’s a picture of Kal, sporting her new badge, along with a Rev coffee mug.

My daughter Kallie, sporting the latest range of Revolution merchandise.