So, if you’re up to speed with The Walking Dead, then you’ll by now know who Lucille is.

If you’re not up to date, and have not yet watched the Season 6 finale, I suggest you stop reading now.

I don’t normally post on stuff like this, but it’s something that I’ve put quite a bit of thought into and wanted to share, so here goes…

The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead introduced us to a long-awaited character from the comic books, Negan.  Our heroes have bumped into many of his men (and women) since the mid-season finale, and have pretty much been able to handle themselves during each violent encounter.  But it was the encounter during the finale which revealed the scope and grandeur of Negan’s operation, and one of our beloved heroes have met an unnatural end, as Negan brings them up close and personal with Lucille.

However, in true serialised fashion, the creators of The Walking Dead have left the audience with a massive cliffhanger, where we will not find out which character met their end until the opening of Season 7 in October.  Cruel right?  But also brilliant.  There have been numerous people complaining about leaving us hanging, and not revealing who died, it would appear a lot of people have forgotten what a cliffhanger is.  Are TV shows not allowed to do cliffhangers anymore?  It ensures to keep our interest, and keep people talking about it, until the big reveal in October.  If they had shown us who died, there would not be as much anticipation for Season 7.  So I think this was handled perfectly.

That being said, it’s generated a big debate as to WHO has met their untimely end.  Will they follow the story of the comic and kill Glen off?  Would they be that obvious?  Or are they going to kill off someone else as a surprise?  People are scrambling to look at the clues, as creators have said there are hints in the finale that may help determine who they may have written out.

So, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to slot my visual forensic investigator hat on, and let’s look at the video evidence to see if we can work it out.  I used to forensically enhance and analyse video evidence on a daily basis, so let’s see if I’ve still got it :-)

Let’s look at our line-up…

01 - Lineup

From left to right, we have Glen, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugine.  There’s a varying amount of debris on the floor in front of each character, and we’ll look at some of that shortly.

Let’s look at the point of view of our victim…

02 - Victim

Note the thin pale tree to the left of Negan.

Now let’s look at an over the shoulder shot from Rick.

03 - Rick OTS

Note the location of that same thin pale tree…

04 - Rick OTS - Annotated

The thin pale tree is to the right hand side of Rick.  However, it seems to be on the left hand side of our victim…

05 - Victim - Annotated

This would suggest that the victim is one of the characters to the right hand side of Rick, which gives us either Maggie, Abraham, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, or Glen.  Considering Glen is the one who meets his maker at this point in the comic story, it’s not really looking too good for him.  But let’s look at some more evidence.

When Negan brings Lucille down onto the head of our victim, our victim’s head understandably is knocked downwards, and here is their view…

06 - Victim After Impact

Remember earlier, I discussed the varying amount of debris on the floor in front of each character in the line up?  What can be seen here is a darker patch of floor, and two stones rather close together.

06 - Victim After Impact - Annotated

These shapes/objects seem consistent with what is on the floor in front of… Rosita…

07 - Lineup - Annotated

08 - Lineup - Annotated Enlarged

If we rotate the image around, this is exactly the viewpoint she would have, and it appears to match…

09a - Rosita

09 - Rosita

So, signs would appear to point to Rosita as being the lucky candidate who gets up close and personal with the barbed wire bat.  However, would her death be a massive impact on the audience?  Would we care as much as we would if it had been Glen or Daryl who are sat either side of her?  Glen and Daryl are both Season 1 veterans, we’ve grown to care about these two characters.  Apart from losing some eye-candy for the guys, would we be massively upset if the opening moments of Season 7 introduced us to what Rosita’s brains look like?  I don’t think so.

So we have to also consider… Daryl.

10 - Daryl

Daryl must have, arguably, the largest fan base of all the characters.  We met him as Scrappy Doo in Season 1, and he has since built a strong fan base after he started to prove himself.  However, some of his stories have been weak of late, and he hasn’t really had a large part to play in this season at all.  As he was exclusively created for the TV show, and was never a comic book character, have the writers grown tired of him?  Do they really want to upset that many females?  Time will tell.

Finally, let’s look at Glen.

11 - Glen

Bless him, on his knees, crying his eyes out.  He’s probably read the comic.

As he is the character who is chosen to die in the comic book version of this scene, you have to wonder if the writers would be so obvious, or if they want to stay loyal to the comic at this point.  The entire scene and dialogue are almost a carbon copy of what can be read in the comic.  So, have they ended the scene in the same way too?  It should be noted that Glen’s position in the line up places him a bit far away from the objects that can be seen on the ground in the POV of the victim after Lucille’s impact.  However, the line up picture was taken before Glen’s outburst, where he had to be dragged back into the line.  So, his position may have changed slightly, and he could very well be a candidate.

So, my visual analysis is rather confident that it is one of those three characters, in this order… Rosita, Glen, or Daryl.  This is based on the assumption that the objects on the floor in the POV of the victim were placed strategically by the producers to aid deduction, and that they were not placed strategically as a red herring, or placed randomly with no thought to continuity.

Time will tell.  Roll on October.

Thoughts and comments welcome…

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