So every now and then, a conversation occurs to remind you that there are still close-minded people in the world, often with rather out-of-date views, who are closer to home than you realise.

These are scared people, often frightened by propaganda, and fueled by hatred, towards that which still remains more of a problem than I ever realised… racism.

I have no time for racists. Let me get that out of the way right now.

There are many reasons why people choose to adopt racist views. It could be due to a bad personal experience, it could be due to upbringing, it could be due to being carried away on the bandwagon by neighbours, friends, or one too many BNP leaflets being dropped through their door. Either way, to assume that one complete race of people are all the same is naïve, arrogant, and downright bigoted. These are the kind of people who believe if one group of people within a particular race commit a vile act, then the entire race must be equally guilty. By that rationale, these people must think that members of this race must have no thoughts or personality of their own, and no free will.

In the year of 2016, I would have thought that this way of thinking was something that would have much improved compared to previous years. With equality & diversity being currently promoted across the education system, with the recent legalisation of Gay marriage (and more acceptance, and less stigma, being attached to homosexuality), the world appeared to be embracing individuality and accepting people for who they are.

So when I run into people with viewpoints such as “they’re all the same” it makes me take a step back… realising that the world has not yet taken as much of a step forward as I had originally thought.

This week, I posted a rather straightforward and lighthearted comment regarding Easter on social media:


Harmless fun… a mini social media moan to grab some reactions… but I never expected what followed…


Interesting response.  I delved further, and ultimately regretted it…


Oh I shouldn’t have asked…


Obviously this woman had started to get other people’s back up too.  A few people began to join in with their own views.  It appeared Wendy was in the minority here, and her ignorance and closed mind prompted a rant…




Dan makes a fair point, and Andrea & Heather sum things up quite nicely…



Shortly afterwards, I happened across an appropriate video and decided to post it at the end of the conversation thread.  This ties things up nicely, and is food-for-thought for those who still struggle with equality…