Yet another massive space of time between my last post and this one, but being a university student tends to steal a lot of time away from you! Students get a lot of bad press, as everyone seems to think we spend all our time sleeping, drinking, or sitting around on our backside playing video games. While some of that is true, it’s also bloody hard work. Having to cram an essay, three reports, two documentaries, two programme proposals, two programme pitches and prepare for a final end of year project all into the space of a couple of weeks is all rather stressful… especially when you’re juggling it with real life.

However, as I approach the end of my second year, I’ve been finding a bit of time to update my site with a couple of new pages (and fixing some broken links!) and the main one I’ve been working on is the new Video Production page. The page consists of some of the more sensible productions I’ve created, as opposed to the daft stuff like the Snowbloke and Snowmutt one and the Spider’s Fate. The aim is to try and get back into creative video production, after spending several years in the legal sector editing and enhancing footage for courtroom use.

I’m a big fan of the editing process, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a production reach completion after spending so much time with it, so with that in mind I have created this new page in an attempt to get some more production and editing work.

So, fingers crossed, have a mooch and feel free to let me know what you think… but only if you like it ;-)

Cheers, and I hope you had a great Easter… and Christmas… and all those other events that happened between now and my previous post. You probably even had a birthday too… so Happy Birthday.