With current experience of editing video content on an almost daily basis, Jay has worked on a variety of video projects.  He originally started out back in the stone age using Sony Betacam editing facilities in the mid 90s, before the days of software based non-linear editing, and so has several years experience of video production on a variety of platforms.

He gained a first at university level for video production, and a distinction at college level for video production, moving images, and writing for film and TV.

He also has experience in DVD Authoring, and is able to build menu structures to properly showcase and deliver the work he produces.

Jay has worked on instructional, educational, forensic and documentary style programmes, some examples of which can be found below.

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A DVD cover design and menu structure can be created for your project.  The example here was created for the ISG project, which can be viewed above. The DVD menu for that project can be viewed HERE.

These videos are currently also live on the client’s website HERE.

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