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Community Open Day – Summer 2019

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It was the Oldham College community open day recently and we went down with the Revolution Cube to provide entertainment for the day.  Staff were on hand to discuss their range of courses to prospective students, and there was a variety of activities for all ages to take part in, while Elliot from Breakfast provided commentary throughout the day.

I grabbed a camera and captured a taster of the day.  Here are the results…



Oldham Live 2018

dodgy   owen   sfa

Oldham Live, a free family orientated entertainment festival, returned to Oldham on Saturday 25th August, and it was another huge success.  People flocked to see the various acts on the bill, such as Dodgy, Sweet Female Attitude, Owen Paul, Sid Sloan from CBeebies, Ella Shaw from Britain’s Got Talent, and our very own Dave Sweetmore with a DJ set.


Here’s a video I put together of highlights of the event:


Oldham Live 2017

farm kelly nathan stooshe

Oldham Live, a free family orientated entertainment festival, came to Oldham on Saturday 9th September, and it was a huge success.  People flocked to see the various acts on the bill, such as The Farm, Stooshe, Kelly Llorenna, Clint Boon, Nathan Moore from Brother Beyond, and Gemma Hunt from CBeebies.


Here’s a video I put together of highlights of the event:


Best Evening Show in North West England!

Well after weeks of voting, the results are in, and it looks like the Revolution evening show is the best in the north west! Thanks to everyone who voted, see the report here:

Happy Birthday 96.2 The Revolution

The official birthday of 96.2 The Revolution is actually August 30th, from when we launched back in 1999.  However, since its rebirth in 2008, it now has a second birthday (just like the Queen) on 22nd September.  By pure coincidence, this is also the date that we originally moved to the building we are now in, from our little temporary box room at the Spindles Shopping Centre, to the old Sarah Moor Restaurant in Oldham Edge which was officially presented by Jack Duckworth!

96.2 The Revolution - Officially opened by Bill Tarmey in 2000

It gives us an opportunity to remind listeners how long we’ve been around.  So, 96.2 The Revolution has turned both 11 years old AND 2 years old this year, and it was with this in mind, listener John Hall kindly penned a rather long poem for us and sent it into the station.


Happy Birthday, to the Revolution,
Two years since your new evolution.
Good tunes combined with endless fun,
The entertainment has just begun.

Sara starts her show at five,
The Revolution has come alive.
Then at six, the airwaves rock,
Penky’s show, at stupid o’clock.

Wake up songs, sound out North West,
Listeners awake, from their rest.
But whatever the weather, sun or rain,
Steve’s Revolution will entertain.

Birdie hosts the Top Ten at Ten,
TUnes from a year, to reminisce again.
He gives out clues and loads of cheer,
As listeners attempt to guess the year.

In Studio One, Big Al is along,
It is eleven o’clock, his coffee song.
He also asks for registration,
Reads out texts sent to the station.

There’s questions, flowers and of course,
Battles against the work force.
Music and laughter, all the way,
As Big Al takes you through the day.

At 3pm, with the airwaves alive,
Elliot present his show called Drive.
Fun and laughter in many slots,
With updates on bad travel spots.

The ultimate tune of the day,
anecdotes and BIG questions all the way.
An afternoon of music heaven,
As Elliot eases you through to seven.

Jay’s Jukebox is the feature next,
Your records played, just send a text.
Relax and enjoy your favourite dinner,
The Evening Show will be a winner.

There is much to do, with games to play,
Questions and teasers posed by Jay.
While all the greatest hits flow,
He prepares you for the Wind Up Show.

Penky presents the show ahead,
As listeners prepare themselves for bed.
But for anyone, not sleeping light,
The hits roll on, throughout the night.

Saturday morning, it’s Danny at six,
Continues the great music mix.
More wind ups, then an eighties treat,
Before, Birdie, again will greet.

His Saturday show is very amusing,
Fronting four great hours of Cruising.
The most fantastic jukebox sound,
A show, nowhere else, can be found.

The jukebox hits flow and flow,
Keep tuned in for Jay’s Love Show.
Smooch around as the clock ticks,
John will wake you up at six.

It’s Sunday, relax, as you should,
Preparing yourselves for Phil Wood.
He gargles songs and taps out morse,
With Sunday classics played of course.

Big Al, then Elliot, continue the flow,
Leading to Steve’s Rewind Show.
Four hours of hits, from the past,
Before more wind ups, what a cast!

John Hall.

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