During the last few months, I have had the pleasure of producing some video content for a Bradford based company called Industrial Services Group (ISG).  They are a Supported Business, owned by Bradford Council, but self sustaining with financial budgets and targets to meet just like any other business.  Their main characteristic is that they employ people with disabilities through something called the Work Choice Programme.  It was a really interesting experience, as I had no idea companies like this even existed.

ISG manufacture windows and doors, and also create, fit and maintain festival lights for numerous clients across the country.  They were interested in producing a corporate video to not only advertise their services, but also to highlight the good work that they do helping disabled people gain employment.

We decided upon a format of four short programmes, of around five minutes each:

– Episode 1 would introduce people to ISG and how they work.

– Episode 2 would concentrate on their windows and doors manufacturing department.

– Episode 3 would concentrate on their festival lights service.

– Episode 4 would follow the journey of two former ISG employees.

We began shooting for them in December, as this was the perfect time to get footage of their Christmas lights on location.  But it was the filming for episode 4 that I found particularly insightful.  We interviewed two former ISG employees, who had been through the Work Choice programme, and who had now gained full time employment as a result of completing the scheme through ISG.  Despite the disadvantages that these people faced, they have overcome these and now have regular jobs.  This was really inspiring to see, especially when learning their stories.  If you watch nothing else online today, have a look at episode 4 by following the links below.

We wrapped filming around March and submitted the final product to them in April, which can now be viewed on the ISG website, on my video production page, or below…

Episode 1: Intro to ISG


Episode 2: Windows and Doors


Episode 3: Festival Lights


Episode 4: Transforming Lives